Reflecting on 2019 Goals and Making More for 2020

Happy New Decade! Almost halfway through the first month, can I still say Happy New Year? At the beginning of last year I wrote a blog post, Calling Bull on the Same Old New Year’s Resolutions. I’m reviewing the blog post and talking about last year’s goals and the new goals I’ve set for myself in 2020. Continue reading “Reflecting on 2019 Goals and Making More for 2020”

Jewellery Brands: Where to Find the Perfect Piece.

You might notice that I don’t wear huge, chunky, bright coloured jewellery. It doesn’t mean my jewellery drawer at my parent’s house isn’t filled with the pieces I picked up through the years; they’ve just been neglected for a long time. I’m recommending my favourite brands to buy gorgeous, classy pieces of jewellery from.  Continue reading “Jewellery Brands: Where to Find the Perfect Piece.”