Calling Bull on the Same Old New Year’s Resolutions

A harsh title? Maybe. But I wanted to get a few wee things off this flat chest of mine. In particular, the New Year’s Resolutions everyone seems to make and follow for the month of January then forgets about for the rest of the year. I’m pretty sure I’ve written a post similar to this? But let’s go again with fresh eyes. Continue reading “Calling Bull on the Same Old New Year’s Resolutions”

Mental Health in Northern Ireland

I thought it was about time I got something off my chest. Some of you may already know, mental health is something I feel very strongly about….I know, shock, something more than fashion and materialistic things! This blog post is solely focused on NI because it’s where I live, where there is no government to do anything about the epidemic and where I see a stigma attached to mental health and it isn’t taken seriously, quite frankly. Prepare for word vomit.  Continue reading “Mental Health in Northern Ireland”

Things to do on Valentines Day – no matter what your status

The day of love is within reach, or should we call it the day of panic? Singles are panicking that they’ll be sitting in alone because their friends will be on dates, men will be panicking about what to get their other half to avoid being in the dog house, and women will be panicking that they won’t get 50 red roses. But let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is just one, big marketing ploy for shops to earn that extra bit of money. Fret not, I’ve come up with a few activities to stop the panicking, no matter what your status may be.  Continue reading “Things to do on Valentines Day – no matter what your status”